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Armed Security

Armed Security Guard

An armed security guard protects premises using weaponry and advanced defense tactics.

Unarmed Security

Unarmed Security Guard

Unarmed security guards ensure safety through surveillance, communication, and conflict resolution skills.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Security Guard

Mobile patrol security guards monitor areas, conducting rounds to deter and detect potential threats.

Firewatch Security

Firewatch Security

Firewatch security personnel oversee fire-prone zones, enforcing safety protocols and rapid response readiness.

Unarmed Security Guard

Parking Control Security

Parking control security ensures orderly parking, regulates access, and assists in traffic management.

Mobile Patrol Security Guard

Crowd Control Security

Crowd control security manages events, maintaining order, safety, and preventing overcrowding and disturbances.


Client Testimonials

Reviews from Our Valued Clients

Discover what clients have to say about their experiences with American Reliance Security, Inc. Our commitment to unmatched security solutions and dedicated service is reflected in the words of those we protect. Read their testimonials and witness how we’ve earned their trust, one safeguarded moment at a time.

Yelp Review

Arturo Vargas

…Great business. Very professional. This company is very accessible.  If you have any questions Sher was able to answer all your questions. Hired this company to oversee our property while it was being fumigated. I definitely recommend this company.


Global Leading Logistics

I strongly recommend American Reliance Security!… Sher in particular has been incredibly supportive and understanding…Highly impressed and satisfied with their service!




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