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Security Guard Services Orange County

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Reliable Security Guard Company In Orange County

No matter the business, one of the many concerns you will need to address is security. There is little that will be more vital to a company than the security of the location, the people, and your property; as a security guard company Orange County, American Reliance Security is here to give you the most trusted guards in the business. Over many years in the industry, we’ve developed a reputation for providing high-quality security guard services Orange County at an affordable price. It all starts with our guards, who are hand-selected and given the best training in the business. Along with superior equipment so that they can provide you with the best service possible. At American Reliance Security, we ensure you get the best the security industry offers.


Reliable Security Guard Company In Orange County

Security Guard Services In Orange County


Security Guard Services In Orange County

The professional guards at American Reliance Security understand that every type of job is different, and each business will have unique security needs. So that’s why the team at American Reliance Security is committed to providing a wide range of security services in Garden Grove and nearby locations. Whether you need an armed guard, mobile patrol, firewatch security guard, or anything in-between, we’ll do our best to meet your business’s unique needs. Our security guard company in Santa ana prides itself on providing the best service possible. You’ll also always get our constant commitment to providing high-quality service and constant improvement. So that each day you’re getting the best version of American Reliance Security that has existed.


Efficient Security Guards Company, Orange County

Our goal is always to provide our clients with the highest quality security guard services Orange County. As a security guard company in Santa Ana, we know that providing security guard service starts in one place, our guards. This commitment is why we take special care to only select the best guards in the business and provide the best training available to those guards who have yet to establish themselves in the industry. This way we can ensure you’re always getting the best security at a price you can afford.

Part of keeping your costs low is ensuring that our guards are operating and performing in a manner that’s efficient for both your security and your wallet. A big part of this is working with our expert teams to evaluate your unique needs to avoid efficiency and cost concerns such as overstaffing or understaffing. We want to give you the best value we can and having a security team of an appropriate size is one of the best ways we can ensure you’re receiving the best value we can offer.

Another efficiency concern we take seriously as a security guard company Orange County is giving our guards the equipment necessary to perform the assigned tasks. We also ensure they have the proper training so that they can always use the equipment assigned to them in a useful and efficient manner. We also ensure that they’re always equipped with the latest technology to ensure that equipment is never a barrier to their ability to accomplish tasks efficiently.

Service Benefits

Why Do You Need Professional Security Guard Services In Orange County?

Protect Your Property

Protecting your property and the property of the business is one of the clear goals of a security guard or security team. This scope can include the product that you create (in the form of loss prevention) or protecting the building and the grounds from vandalism, both incidental and intentional. With a security team, you can rest easy knowing that your property is protected.

Discourages Crime

Criminal activity can take place anywhere and your business or resident might be the next target for a robbery or violent crime. A security guard can alleviate the risk just with their presence. Not only does security act as an intervention when crime happens on the premises but they also act as a prevention just with their presence.

Handling Security Issues in an Efficient Manner

There will always be new threats to your security and new problems that have to be solved. Even if you go through everything with a fine-tooth comb new issues will arise. With a security team, these issues can be addressed immediately and efficiently so that your business can remain safe and secure.

Employee Safety

The safety of your workforce is something that should always be at the forefront of your mind. This is especially true if those under your employ work with the public regularly. Having security present protects your employees from the public as well as other employees should one of them become a danger to themselves and others or otherwise disgruntled.

Improved Customer Service

Security does more than just keep everyone safe. They’re human beings and often a person that others look to as a safe person. Security can often answer questions that customers may have or direct them to where they need to be. They are part of the customer experience and often a positive one. They do more than just keep people safe.

Provide a Quick Response Time

Security guards are always on-site to respond to any threat that may arise. In an emergency, it can take police up to 20 minutes to respond but with a security force there to respond, you can make sure the damage is mitigated or even averted through various methods of conflict resolution or problem-solving. Should the emergency be something that a security team can’t handle they can help get people to safety while contacting emergency services with the necessary information for a quick and appropriate response.


Committed to Protecting Your Business


American Reliance Security, Inc.

stands as a paragon of security excellence. Our seasoned expertise ensures a safeguarded environment, where trust and protection converge seamlessly.

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Security Guard Services In Orange County
Security Guard In Orange County
Professional Security Guard In Orange County


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Client Testimonials

Reviews from Our Valued Clients

Discover what clients have to say about their experiences with American Reliance Security, Inc. Our commitment to unmatched security solutions and dedicated service is reflected in the words of those we protect. Read their testimonials and witness how we’ve earned their trust, one safeguarded moment at a time.

David Kruk

I called these guys for a 1-month contract on two, 24/7 shifts, and they were able to set it up in under 48hrs. Fantastic response time. Great security guards. Punctual, professional, and very responsive. I could not have found a better company. I will use them for everything moving forward. 11/10 recommend! (ask for Shair or Jordan, they were both awesome)


Joyce Bella Keith

In all my years of having and handling Security services, this is by far the best company I have ever worked with. They are quick, dependable, responsive, and very reasonably priced. If I have a last minute need for extra security coverage, they take care of it immediately and I have officers here within 4 hours (sometimes even sooner). They are AMAZING to work with. Officers as well as Supervisor’s and Office staff – you can count on this company for your security needs. BEST COMPANY EVER. If I could leave 10 stars – I would.


Yousaf Khilji

After years of service with American Reliance Security I feel the urgent need to leave another review. As you can tell, Sher and his team have done an excellent job of keeping my property safe, clean, and secure. Their guards have never failed to provide the utmost professional service and attitude. I am extremely happy with American Reliance, and if you want to feel as safe as I do, I recommend you hire them for your needs.


Mohammed Naveed

I am truly grateful and amused to have such an amazing security company at my place of residence. All of the guards are doing their job on time at keeping us safe and secure. I can honestly say how safe and grateful I am when I see them. Well done.


Oneisa Gordon

I am truly thankful and grateful to have such an amazing security company at my place of residence. All of the guards do a great job at keeping us safe and secure. Frista goes above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions. I can honestly say how safe and grateful I am when I see her. Keep up the good work!



Diverse Client Partnerships

Customized Security Services for Every Industry

Corporate Security


Corporate Security

Providing comprehensive protection for businesses, safeguarding assets, personnel, and sensitive information.

Residential Security


Residential Security

Ensuring peace of mind at home with vigilant monitoring and responsive security measures.

Retail Security


Retail Security

Safeguarding stores and shoppers alike through proactive loss prevention strategies.

Auto Dealer


Auto Dealer

Protecting vehicle inventory through surveillance, access control, and theft prevention measures.

Security Guard Services in Santa Cruz


Your Trustworthy Partner

With decades of collective expertise, our team boasts a wealth of industry experience and qualifications. Rest assured, your security needs are in capable hands, backed by a seasoned crew dedicated to safeguarding your peace of mind.
Your satisfaction drives us. Tailoring our security solutions to your unique requirements, we prioritize open communication and personalized service. At American Reliance Security, Inc., you’re not just a client – you’re a partner in creating a safer tomorrow.
Anticipating threats before they materialize, we deploy proactive strategies to minimize losses and protect your assets. Our vigilant approach combines advanced technology, astute analysis, and trained personnel, ensuring potential risks are thwarted well before they become problems.
Success speaks volumes. With an impressive history of consistently delivering on our promises, American Reliance Security, Inc. has forged a track record that speaks to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our accomplishments stand as a testament to our reliability and dedication to your security.


Find Answers To Some Common Security Guard Service Questions

This all depends on your individual needs. There’s no hard and fast rule and it’s often a matter of opinion as each of them carries its pros and cons. Our team can help you decide which type of guard is right for you and your business.
The guards at American Reliance Security carry all of the necessary licenses to operate in the state of California. We also do frequent checks to make sure all of our guards’ information and licenses are up to date so that they can help keep you safe and secure.
Security is a lot like insurance. You hope that you never have to use it but when a situation arises and you need them there you’ll be happy they’re around. Security is about prevention first and intervention second. Just because nothing has happened yet does not mean nothing bad will happen in the future.
We always try to hire and assign guards to the city they are local to in an effort to provide the best service possible to our clients. Sometimes though it is unavoidable that a guard from another county/city will be assigned to your business. You can rest assured that they are still capable of performing their duties to our high-quality standards.
Our security guards receive the best training, over 40 hours of combined training for basic unarmed guards. For armed guards, there’s even more training. All of our guards are licensed by the state of California and held to our own high standards so that you can get the best services.

Areas We Serve In Southern California

American Reliance Security is one of the best security guard companies in Southern California. We provide different types of security guard services in Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Ventura County, and surrounding areas. No matter what service you need, we have it covered. American Reliance Security is here there to guard what matters most. Some locations in Southern California may be considered more dangerous than others which is why it is even more important for you to get security guards. Without security guards in such areas, your property is more likely to become a target. Our security guard company in Los Angeles has highly trained security guards to handle any situation that turns up.


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