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    Reliable Security Guard Company In Riverside County

    In Riverside county, American Reliance Security saw the need for reliable security that was able to take on a variety of jobs and supply a wide range of services to business owners. Now we, as the team of this security guard company Riverside Country are proud to say that we have been and are still providing that to the business owners and the people of Riverside County. Our guards are the best in the business, each of them is handpicked and trained extensively to ensure that you get the best guards available no matter what services you need. When you work with American Reliance Security you know that you’re getting the best because we only hire the best.


    Security Guard Services Riverside County

    We know that every business is unique and each of them has its own security goals and needs. That’s why American Reliance Security offers a wide range of security services, so that no matter what we can service your security needs. Our commitment to you is to provide top-quality security no matter what services you use. We’re committed to constant and consistent improvement each day so that you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best version of American Reliance Security every day. We provide a variety of security guard services including parking control security guard. No matter what you might need to keep your business, residence, or property secure, American Reliance Security has you covered.

    Armed Security Guard Services Riverside County


    Security Guards

    Armed security guards are often the best option for dealing with dangerous individuals that threaten the security of your business and guests.

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    unarmed security guard services Riverside County


    Security Guards

    Unarmed guard service is your first line of defense against angry customers, criminals or unwanted trespassers.

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    Mobile Patrol security guard services in Riverside County

    Mobile Patrol

    Security Guards

    Mobile Patrol Security is necessary for any business with a large area and to keep the premises safe after hours.

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    Riverside County American Reliance Security Parking control guard service

    Parking Control

    Security Guards

    Parking control security is essential for maintaining the safety and security of your parking lots and garages.

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    Fire Watch security guard services Riverside county

    Fire Watch

    Security Guards

    Firewatch Security is the defensive line against fire for your building, construction zone, or other areas that might be prone to catching fire.

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    Crowd control security guard services Riverside County

    Crowd Control

    Security Guards

    Crowd controllers are an essential part of ensuring the safety of every person attending an event.

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    Efficient Security Guards In Riverside County

    Security Guard Services in Riverside

    Every business is always looking for ways to run more efficiently and improve overall efficiency. At American Reliance Security we have the same goal and we achieve the utmost in efficiency by making sure that our guards are extensively trained so that you can do more with less. We understand that you’re always needing to save money without compromising the security of your business or your employees.

    Our team of experts can help you figure out exactly what security and services match all of your business’s needs. We know that this can be a hard thing to evaluate if you’re not an expert in the industry and that’s why our experts are always ready to help you and answer any questions you might have. American Reliance security doesn’t want you to be over or understaffed and we certainly don’t want you to accidentally hurt your business by investing a security service that you don’t need or likely won’t use. We want to make sure you’re always getting the best value for every dollar you invest in security.

    Our guards and teams understand how important your security is and we strive to give you the best value in security by giving our guards the best training. We also ensure that they’re outfitted with most up to date technology available so that they can perform their tasks quickly and without hassle. This way your business can be secure at all times while under the watchful eyes of American Reliance Security.


    Why Do You Need Professional Security Guards In Riverside County

    Protect Your Property

    No matter the business you understand the importance of protecting your business and property from criminals, vandals, and trouble makers. Security can help by employing preventative measures and stopping these individuals in the act if they’re caught. Security guards are the best way to protect your property.

    Discourages Crime

    Security guards provide more than patrol and intervention. They also practice prevention and can act as a direct deterrent for criminals and troublemakers of all kinds. Just the presence of a security guard will make these people think twice before trying anything and can protect you from people who might be canvassing your premises or business.

    Handling Security Issues in an Efficient Manner

    There are always going to be new security issues that pop up. This can be anything from a broken lock, malfunctioning camera or an unauthorized person being where they don’t belong. In all of these cases, a security guard can not only identify the problem but implement a fast solution so that the threat can be handled efficiently. There’s no better way to keep your business secure than a guard.

    Employee Safety

    Employees should be safe and more than that they should feel safe when they come into work. That’s one of the things that a security guard or guard team will do for you. It’s a way to show your employees that you care about their security and safety. A security guard will also protect them from unruly customers or other employees who become a danger to themselves or others.

    Improved Customer Service

    The customer experience is extremely important to any business and the people who walk into your business should feel safe doing so. Security will not only help them feel safer but also act as a point of contact where people can ask basic questions or go if they feel unsafe. Security can help improve the customer experience because our guards are always happy to help a customer if it doesn’t interfere with their security duties.

    Provide a Quick Response Time

    When an emergency happens seconds matter more than ever before. It can sometimes take police up to 20 minutes to arrive and often that’s too late. With a security team on-site the response to an emergency can be immediate and swift. This can help prevent damage to the property, people, and avoid more severe consequences.


    Security Guard Company Riverside County

    Insured and Bonded

    We are bonded and insured and we guarantee to be the only professional security guard services you need

    Certified Security Company

    Our security guard company is fully certified by the state of California. Our License number is #120787

    State Licensed Guards

    All of our security guards licensed by the state of California. They have gone through a rigorous training program.

    24/7 Live Dispatch

    Our security guards will quickly respond to any situation that may arise on your business premises.

    Trained and Equipped

    Our security officers are highly experienced, professional and thoroughly trained.

    Reliable Security Guards

    Our armed and unarmed guards are available 24/7 for all your business, personal, and special event needs.

    Why do people trust American Reliance Security?

    I needed a professional security services and after contacting multiple security companies, I found American Reliance and found that the management were very easy to communicate with, very knowledgeable and understanding of my …

    The American Reliance Security team has been supporting our major events in a professional and responsive manner. We rely on them mostly for our unplanned protection activities and to date, they have exceeded our …

    … our business and American Reliance Security gave us exceptional service! Sher was so delightful to work with and guards were always timely and professional. We definitely will work with them again if we ever need security services!

    … used their services last minute to have security while one of my properties was getting fumigated. I was impressed with their professionalism as well as their quality of work. I worked with Sheer who was great and even showed up …

    ARS provided peace of mind for our clients needs during a fumigation of a home. Having them look out for our clients interests provide everyone the tranquility needed for a secure home. The management was very responsive and very easy to work with and the communication was superb. I highly recommend them.


    Industries We Protect In Riverside

    Corporate security services by American Reliance security Riverside County guards

    Corporate Security

    Learn More
    Bank security guard services Riverside county

    Bank Security

    Learn More
    Warehouse Security guard Services Riverside county

    Warehouse Security

    Learn More
    HOA Security guard services Riverside

    HOA Security

    Learn More
    Hospitality security guard services Riverside county

    Hospitality Security

    Learn More
    Medical Building Security guard services Riverside county

    Medical Building Security

    Learn More
    Construction site security services Riverside County

    Construction Site Security

    Learn More
    Security guard services Riverside County

    Retail Security

    Learn More
    Parking lot security Riverside county

    Parking Lot Security

    Learn More
    Campus security services Riverside County

    Campus Security

    Learn More
    Event Security Services Riverside County

    Event Security

    Learn More
    Residential Security Services Riverside County

    Residential Security

    Learn More
    Auto Dealer security Riverside County

    Auto Dealer Security

    Learn More
    Place of Worship Security Riverside County

    Place of Worship Security

    Learn More
    Cemetery security services in Riverside County

    Cemetery Security

    Learn More
    Retirement Living Facility Security guard services in Riverside county

    Retirement Living Facility Security

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    Clients that trust our security guard services



    Find Answers To Some Common Security Guard Service Questions

    Do security guards keep daily reports?
    Yes! Our guards keep daily reports so that all of the people who need to be informed of security risks or the events of the day can be informed in a concise and easy to understand manner. It also provides everyone with an easy to follow document in case questions about guard activity emerge.
    Riverside County is safe, why do I need security?
    Security is necessary, no matter the location of your business or property. Just because an area is safe doesn’t mean that security isn’t important because security is about prevention as much as intervention. You may not think that you don’t need security but when an emergency happens you’ll be thankful they’re present.
    Why should we hire through a company and not just have a security division?
    A security division is not always a feasible option for many businesses. Security divisions often require special oversight, equipment, training, and staff. All of this is often outside the realm of experience that a business owner might have. We can absorb the initial costs and save you money by providing the guards and the oversight necessary for security.
    Will Armed security make guests in Riverside County feel uneasy?
    This a very real concern when deciding whether or not to have armed or unarmed guards. In the end, there’s no way to know for sure. We can help provide guidance if you’re unsure and lay out the pros and cons of both armed and unarmed security guards.
    Do you perform background checks on your guards?
    Absolutely! All of our guards have undergone extensive training and backgrounds. American Reliance Security only hires the best guards so that you can always get the best service.
    Why should we select American Reliance Security?
    American Reliance Security is the best security guard company in Southern California and we say that because our 10+ years of experience has proven as much. Our commitment to quality work, your safety, and constant improvement have made us the best version of ourselves so that you can get the best security service possible.

    American Reliance Security provides a full spectrum of security services, officers and technology.

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    Areas We Serve In Southern California

    American Reliance Security is one of the best security guard companies in Southern California. We provide different types of security guard services in Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Ventura County, and surrounding areas. No matter what service you need, we have it covered. American Reliance Security is here there to guard what matters most. Some locations in Southern California may be considered more dangerous than others which is why it is even more important for you to get security guards. Without security guards in such areas, your property is more likely to become a target. Our security guard company in Los Angeles has highly trained security guards to handle any situation that turns up.

    Security Guard services Ventura County

    Ventura County

    Security Service

    Hiring a private Security guard company in Ventura County is the best way to protect yourself, your beachfront property and assets.

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    security guards services at Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    Security Service

    American Reliance Security guard company Los Angeles has created a reputation for quality work and outstanding quality throughout the security industry in Los Angeles.

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    Security Guard services Orange County

    Orange County

    Security Service

    Over our many years in the industry we’ve developed a reputation for providing high-quality service to businesses in Orange County at an affordable price.

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    security services Riverside


    Security Service

    In Riverside county, American Reliance Security saw the need for reliable security that was able to take on a variety of jobs and supply a wide range of services to business owners.

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    security guard service San Bernardino

    San Bernardino

    Security Service

    American Reliance Security has created a reputation for quality work and outstanding quality throughout the security industry in San Bernardino.

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    Guard services in San Diego

    San Diego

    Security Service

    American Reliance Security has created a reputation for quality work and outstanding quality throughout the security industry in San Diego.

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