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Firewatch Security

Firewatch Security

Firewatch Security

At American Reliance Security, Inc., we recognize the critical importance of fire safety within any establishment. Our Firewatch Security service stands ready to mitigate fire risks and ensure the well-being of your property and personnel. Firewatch Security involves deploying trained professionals to monitor areas where fire alarm systems might be temporarily out of service or in situations that pose heightened fire hazards.

  • Fire Hazard Monitoring
  • Hot Work Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Documentation and Reporting

When a fire alarm system is non-operational or during construction/renovation projects, Firewatch Security is indispensable. Our vigilant team conducts regular patrols, keeping a watchful eye on potential ignition sources, emergency exits, and other fire safety protocols. By entrusting American Reliance Security, Inc. with Firewatch Security, you’re not only meeting compliance requirements but also preventing potential fire emergencies and minimizing property damage.

Firewatch security involves the deployment of trained personnel to monitor and prevent fire hazards in situations where fire alarm systems are non-operational or during construction, maintenance, or other activities that temporarily disable regular fire detection systems. It’s necessary when fire alarms, sprinklers, or other safety measures are offline, ensuring compliance with fire codes and minimizing the risk of fire-related incidents.
During firewatch security, trained personnel patrol the designated area to detect and respond to any signs of fire, smoke, or potential hazards. They maintain constant vigilance, often using specialized equipment like heat sensors or handheld radios to quickly communicate emergencies. Firewatch security professionals are prepared to implement evacuation procedures, alert emergency services, and take immediate action to prevent the spread of fire until regular fire systems are restored.
Yes, firewatch security is often legally mandated by local fire departments, building codes, or authorities having jurisdiction. Whenever fire suppression systems or alarm systems are inoperative, there’s a need to have firewatch security in place to maintain safety standards. Non-compliance can lead to fines, penalties, and increased liability in the event of fire-related incidents.
Firewatch security requires specialized training to effectively identify fire hazards, respond appropriately, and ensure the safety of occupants. Not all security personnel are equipped with the necessary skills for firewatch duties. At American Reliance Security, Inc., our firewatch security team undergoes rigorous training to handle fire emergencies, making them capable of safeguarding properties and lives during critical situations.


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