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Controlling crowds is an essential part of ensuring the safety of every person attending an event.

Devoted Crowd Control

Crowd control is a necessity when you’re hosting an event. Crowds can get violent or out of control easily. Crowd control can help to prevent this by enforcing the rules and keeping the crowd peaceful.

Crowd control security guard services are essential during any event such as concerts, speeches, or other public events. Good crowd control is the only way to ensure the safety and security of the people attending the event in question. Sometimes a crowd can get wild or out of hand. At many events, alcohol is served and inevitably some guests will become inebriated as a result. Effective crowd control can help to ensure that these people don’t pose a danger to themselves or others. Crowd control security guard can also make sure that the crowd behaves in a manner that is safe, controlled, and peaceful. There’s no substitute for good crowd control during an event of any kind.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of our Crowd Control guard?

Inspect Premises

Guards will inspect the premises to find, address, and report potential security risks.

Secure Premises

Our guards are well trained and follow instructions to the letter in order to secure the premises and people by performing regular patrols through the premises..

Surveillance Check

Our guards are trained to interact with and monitor surveillance equipment so that they can ensure that it’s always in working order and your security isn’t compromised by faulty equipment.

Building Inspection

Guards will perform building inspections to ensure that access points and other problem areas are secured at all times.

Irregularities Report

Armed guards are trained to spot and report irregularities such as faulty equipment or the presence of suspicious or unauthorized individuals.

Traffic Control

Traffic control is essential and our guards can assist by directing traffic and ensuring that cars are parked in the properly designated areas.

Preventive Tasks

Our Guards are trained to always be prepared and this included taking preventative measures such as ensuring that surveillance equipment is properly maintained and regular maintenance on them is performed.

Access Control

Ensure the authorization of employees and visitors in certain areas by checking that their credentials are all in order.

Emergency Response

Ensure a fast response from emergency services such as the police and the fire department in the case of a dire emergency.

Security Check

Scan and inspect people and their items that are entering the premises by using hand-held scanning devices so that the area is as secure as possible.

Conflict Prevention

Guards will circulate among guests and employees in order to be seen and help to deter conflict, intervening and de-escalating situations whenever necessary.

Deter Trespassers

Warn violators of any rule infractions and violations, if necessary our guards can apprehend violators and evict them from the premises, using force when necessary.

Benefits of Crowd Control for Your Business

Safety And Security

If you’re running an event and there are going to be a lot of people then you need crowd control. When crowds are left to themselves they can turn quickly and the actions of a few can incite violence or other actions that harm everyone within the group. Crowd control will help to make sure the crowd remains peaceful and controlled during the duration of events. They’ll also assist in moving guests out of the even quicker so that cleaning crews can get started earlier.


If you’re running an event that’s going to be crowded then crowd control is absolutely essential. that’s why we make sure that we can provide budget-friendly crowd control for your venues. No matter what event you’re throwing, if there’s a crowd then crowd control is necessary. We can work with you to find a solution that can fit your budget and keep your guests safe and secure while they attend your event.

Controlling the Chaos

If you’ve ever attended a concert or any event with a lot of people then you’ve seen how quickly a few bad apples can incite problems within the whole crowd. If these problem people aren’t addressed quickly and removed then it’s likely the crowd will react negatively. Our crowd control guards are trained to deal with these problem individuals, especially when they’re intoxicated or otherwise inebriated.

Liability and Risk

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting the event at your own venue or renting the venue out, it’s important that you have crowd control present and working. It’s also important as crowd control can protect attendees and staff from others or even themselves. It’s not uncommon for people attending events to become intoxicated or otherwise inebriated. Then they can become a danger to themselves and others. Having crowd control security present can help to mitigate the risk that these individuals can have on themselves, the venue, and others in attendance.

American Reliance Security provides a full spectrum of security services, officers and technology.

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Fantastic Service!. We hired a couple of parking control security guards 3 months back. The security guards were well trained. They are punctual. No complaints on vandalism or theft till now. All our tenants were happy and satisfied. American Reliance Security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles. Will surely recommend it.

American reliance security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles.I hired mobile patrol security guards to perform random checks to ensure safety of my business and they also work after hours.They are very professional and considerate. I will definitely recommend them.

We were in need of an armed guard immediately and they reacted very quickly and professionally. They came on time as agreed. Highly recommend.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is crowd control necessary?
Crowd control is an important part of making sure anyone attending your event is safe. It’s also an important part of mitigating the damage done to the venue as crowds can get out of control quickly. If you’re planning an event crowd control is absolutely a necessity. You’ll regret not having it.
Can crowd control detain people?
Through the collaboration with customers in discussing needs and demand, we’re able to attain whether or not a crowd control guard would be allowed to detain someone is up to a variety of factors that we can discuss with you. Often the course of action is to expel an inappropriate individual from the event. All understanding, gain customer trust to offer the appropriate advice and bring about suggestions on suitable technology to transform your business.
What does Crowd Control do?
Crowd control ensures the safety of the crowd and the venue by ensuring that the crowd behaves in a way that’s appropriate. this may include the removal of certain individuals, making sure the crowd does not spill out into unauthorized areas, and that the people within the crowd are following the rules set by the venue and the party putting on the event.
What happens if a fight breaks out during the event?
This is a common occurrence and among the reasons why crowd control is necessary for an event. Our guards are trained in preventative measures to try and stop a fight before it begins. Should a fight break out a crowd control officer may be allowed to step in depending on the guidelines set beforehand. Otherwise, emergency services will be contacted and reports will be given.
How many crowd control guards do I need?
That’s a question that we can answer once we know more details. These details would include the size of the venue, the expected number of attendees and how long the event will last. Each event is unique and requires a personalized quote. You can always call one of our team members who can help you find the solution that’s best for you.
What happens once the event is over?
Just because the event ends doesn’t mean that the job of a crowd controller isn’t done. Once the event is over they can help move people out and away from the venue so that cleaning staff can come in and start working as soon as possible. the sooner everyone can start working the sooner they can go home and the more money you’ll save.
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