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Armed Guard vs. Unarmed Guard

Armed Guard vs. Unarmed Guard

When hiring a security team, you have to make one decision: hiring either an armed or unarmed guard. Here’s a quick guide to help you get matched with the right kind of guard for you and make sure you find a reliable security guard service in Los Angeles!

The Difference

The most obvious difference is in the title. One guard type is armed while the other is unarmed. To dive a little deeper, the training to be an armed guard is more severe and extensive than the training to be an unarmed guard. There are more responsibilities, and more licenses are required.

To become a professionally armed security guard in California, you must complete a firearm application and receive your armed license. This license must be renewed every two years.

Armed Guard Requirements

Requirements for armed security guards in California also include a 14-hour California armed security guard training course in addition to the regular security guard training you must complete. The additional training consists of the following:

  • Moral and legal aspects when being armed
  • Firearms classification and identification
  • Weapon handling and shooting fundamentals
  • Emergency procedure training
  • Shooting range training

All guards, armed and unarmed, must complete a criminal background check through the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. They must complete 40 hours of courses by certified training security (eight hours before being assigned to a post, 16 within the first 30 days of their first assignment, and 16 hours within the first six months). One of the essential requirements is fingerprinting via Live Scan. These requirements help you become a trusted and reliable security guard service in Los Angeles for some of the most successful security companies like American Reliance Security.

Benefits of an Armed Guard

Some benefits of an armed guard include the following:

  • Immediate action on a violent threat against you
  • Licensed firearm professional protecting you
  • A stronger deterrent of illegal activities than an unarmed guard

Armed guards go through rigorous hours of training to become qualified to carry a firearm. This training can help you in high-risk situations like taking immediate action against any violent threats against you. As an armed guard, you go through morals training that help you decipher when the problem at hand has become threatening enough to draw your firearm. As we all know, this is a serious move to make, so when it comes to this point, you know your armed guard is ready to take immediate action to bring back safety and peace in your environment.

A license to carry isn’t as easy as some people might think. But once you have accomplished and gone through the proper training, becoming an appointed armed security guard is an immediate deterrent of illegal activities to potential offenders and criminals. Once the offender sees your security guard’s firearm, they are less likely to want to commit any acts that will put them at the risk of being on the wrong end of it. After all, the plan is to get away with the crime and not get caught or hurt. With your armed security guard standing alert, there’s a low chance for any criminal to get away with anything!

Benefits of an Unarmed Guard

Some benefits of an unarmed guard include the following:

  • The first line of defense
  • Quicker response time
  • It makes your customers and guests feel safer

Security guards are your first line of defense in any situation with large or small risks. They help diminish severe threats that put you in harm’s way while local authorities are contacted to arrive on the scene. Local authorities, especially in overly-populated areas like Los Angeles, can take some time to reach. You know that your security team will handle all situations immediately and quickly. Any security threat that sees the presence of a guard will most likely avoid the confrontation altogether and move on to their next target.

Having a security guard presence makes everyone feel safer. Knowing that a trained professional is watching over them, they can relax. The overall anxiety in the back of their mind eases up a bit. With a security presence, they feel less likely to become victims of a crime, and they are correct. 

Armed Vs Unarmed

As you can see, there are similar but fundamental differences in hiring an armed or unarmed guard. Other than the apparent reason that one carries a licensed weapon and is thoroughly trained on when to draw them, there are various reasons to hire armed and unarmed guards. The presence of an unarmed guard is just as crucial as an armed guard. The only difference is that they don’t carry a weapon. In some situations, this can be better (primarily if the guard will be stationed in an environment where firearms can cause unnecessary alarm.)

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