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    Reliable Security Guard Company In Ventura County

    Hiring a private Security guard companies in Ventura County is the best way to protect yourself, your beachfront property and assets. Ventura County is one of America’s most livable communities, located between Malibu and Santa Barbara on the blue Pacific Ocean, overlooking Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands.

    American Reliance Security is a licensed, bonded and insured private security guard company in Ventura County. Above all, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and our use of the latest technologies to help our security guards in Ventura County CA fulfill their duty efficiently. Whether you need patrol services for retail, or residential, farm, manufacturing company or healthcare facility or personal security for an individual you can count on us to provide the security service you need.


    Security Guard Services In Ventura County

    American Reliance Security employs only the best. Therefore, we believe it is very important for a security guard companies in Ventura County, California to recruit and properly train the best individual for the job. America Reliance Security provides licensed and fully equipped security guards in Ventura County, CA that are carefully vetted for background and ability. We only recruit the most qualified and experienced individuals.


    Security Guards

    Armed security guards are often the best option for dealing with dangerous individuals that threaten the security of your business and guests.

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    Security Guards

    Unarmed guard service is your first line of defense against angry customers, criminals or unwanted trespassers.

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    Mobile Patrol

    Security Guards

    Mobile Patrol Security is necessary for any business with a large area and to keep the premises safe after hours.

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    Parking Control

    Security Guards

    Parking control security is essential for maintaining the safety and security of your parking lots and garages.

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    Fire Watch

    Security Guards

    Firewatch Security is the defensive line against fire for your building, construction zone, or other areas that might be prone to catching fire.

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    Crowd Control

    Security Guards

    Crowd controllers are an essential part of ensuring the safety of every person attending an event.

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    Efficient Security Guards In Ventura County

    Efficiency is always a point of concern when it comes to security and it’s something that the team at American Reliance Security is tackling head-on. We recognize that budgets are tight and you don’t want to overstaff your business with unnecessary security guards. That’s why we ensure that our guards are always working hard to keep you safe.

    Our team of experts can help evaluate the security needs of your business so that we can offer you the best services or combination of services available. This way you can be sure that you’re getting what you need for a price you can afford.

    Our guards are hand-selected by American Reliance Security and given the best training available. We know that good service starts with the guards and their ability to provide your business with security services that exceed expectations. We also ensure that they’re equipped and trained to use the best security equipment obtainable. All of this to not only supply you with the best security In Ventura County but also ensure that you’re getting the best value with the most efficient security force.

    Our guards and teams know the importance of your security and how it affects your business. They’re trained in a wide range of conflict resolution methods, observation techniques, and critical thinking that leads to efficient problem-solving. American Reliance Security does all of this so that your business can be safe and secure at all times under the protection of our guards and teams.


    Why Do You Need Professional Security Guards In Ventura County?

    Protect Your Property

    Security is vital for almost any business. Guards can help protect your property and the grounds from both customers and employees who might be disgruntled or otherwise unhappy. A security guard can protect you from direct damage like theft or vandalism as well as protect you from accidental damage caused by raucous or otherwise unsafe behavior from employees, customers, or visitors.

    Discourages Crime

    A large part of security isn’t in the stopping of crime but the prevention of it. This can be done through various means that our guards undertake but a hidden advantage that guards supply is that their mere presence is often enough to discourage criminals or troublemakers from ever attempting to disrupt or otherwise harm your business. The presence of security is a vital part of prevention and makes it so that you’re less likely to be targeted by more forward-thinking criminals.

    Handling Security Issues in an Efficient Manner

    Security issues will always arise. This is just the nature of running a business with people coming and going. sometimes a security issue is a camera that has stopped working and other times it’s a person who is in an area they’re unauthorized to be in. In either case, a security guard from American Reliance Security is able to respond to these threats immediately and address them appropriately. This way your business is always safe and secure from any threat big or small.

    Employee Safety

    Your employees are a vital part of your business and they should feel safe when they come into work. Adding a security guard can help make your employees feel more at ease and show them that you care about their safety and security. A security guard can protect them as well as your business from other employees or dangerous customers/guests. With a security guard around your employees can rest assured that they’re safe and protected.

    Improved Customer Service

    Security guards can and often do more than keep the area secure. They often have to interact with the public, and depending on your business can even assist customers by answering basic questions or even escorting them to their vehicles occasionally late at night. A security guard is a lightning rod that can act as an additional arm of customer service so long as it doesn’t interfere with their security duties. A thoughtful and polite security guard can sometimes dramatically improve the customer experience.

    Provide a Quick Response Time

    In an emergency every second counts and sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes for emergency services to arrive. With a security guard or security team, the response is immediate and sometimes they can de-escalate a situation to the point where emergency services are no longer needed. Should the situation require emergency services though a security guard can get them there quickly by supplying the necessary information and then take appropriate action to mitigate the damage.


    Why Do Businesses Trust Our Security Guard Service In Ventura County?

    Insured and Bonded

    We are bonded and insured and we guarantee to be the only professional security guard services you need

    Certified Security Company

    Our security guard company is fully certified by the state of California. Our License number is #120787

    State Licensed Guards

    All of our security guards licensed by the state of California. They have gone through a rigorous training program.

    24/7 Live Dispatch

    Our security guards will quickly respond to any situation that may arise on your business premises.

    Trained and Equipped

    Our security officers are highly experienced, professional and thoroughly trained.

    Reliable Security Guards

    Our armed and unarmed guards are available 24/7 for all your business, personal, and special event needs.

    Why do people trust American Reliance Security?

    Fantastic Service!. We hired a couple of parking control security guards 3 months back. The security guards were well trained. They are punctual. No complaints on vandalism or theft till now. All our tenants were happy and satisfied. American Reliance Security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles. Will surely recommend it.

    American reliance security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles.I hired mobile patrol security guards to perform random checks to ensure safety of my business and they also work after hours.They are very professional and considerate. I will definitely recommend them.

    We were in need of an armed guard immediately and they reacted very quickly and professionally. They came on time as agreed. Highly recommend.

    American reliance security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles. Recently we hired couple of unarmed security guards for our private property for its safety.They are very professional, well trained and hardworking. Glad I hired them from American reliance security best security guard company.

    ARS provided peace of mind for our clients needs during a fumigation of a home. Having them look out for our clients interests provide everyone the tranquility needed for a secure home. The management was very responsive and very easy to work with and the communication was superb. I highly recommend them.


    Industries We Protect In Ventura County

    American Reliance Security provides its security guard services throughout a variety of industries. We build custom security strategies that best meet our client’s needs. We do our best to provide a sense of safety and security to everyone present in the building. Just having a security guard present on the premises has been proven to give peace of mind to both customers and employees. We understand that each and every industry would require certain different requirements as such all our security guards have been trained for a specific industry so that they can be ready for any emergency that might occur.

    Corporate Security

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    Bank Security

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    Warehouse Security

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    HOA Security

    Learn More

    Hospitality Security

    Learn More

    Medical Building Security

    Learn More

    Construction Site Security

    Learn More

    Retail Security

    Learn More

    Parking Lot Security

    Learn More

    Campus Security

    Learn More

    Event Security

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    Residential Security

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    Auto Dealer Security

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    Place of Worship Security

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    Cemetery Security

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    Retirement Living Facility Security

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    Clients that trust our security guard services



    Find Answers To Some Common Security Guard Service Questions

    How does security help my business?
    Security is a vital part of every business and shouldn’t be overlooked. You never know when something can go wrong or a dangerous person could walk in and threaten the safety of everyone. Security also helps with loss prevention and other similar issues. Security can also help raise the morale of the employees which in turn can raise productivity, helping you make more money.
    If the police response times in Ventura County are good why do I need security?
    In an emergency, seconds can make all the difference. Even with lower than the national average response times it’s still significantly longer than if you had a security team on site. With security, your response time goes from minutes to just seconds.
    How do I know what my business needs?
    Security is a complex field and it’s perfectly possible that you won’t know the type of security that your business needs. That’s okay because our team of experts can help you in choosing the type and amount of security that’s necessary for your business.
    With so many Spanish speaking people in Ventura County can you provide us with bilingual security guards?
    We recognize the need for guards that speak multiple languages and that’s why we try to provide our clients with bilingual guards. However, not all of our guards are bilingual so we aren’t always capable of meeting this request. We will do what we can to ensure that your needs are met to the best of our ability.
    Should I go with armed or unarmed guards?
    This all depends on your individual needs. There’s no hard and fast rule and it’s often a matter of opinion as each of them carries its pros and cons. Our team can help you decide which type of guard is right for you and your business.
    How long has American Reliance Security been in business?
    American Reliance Security has been a trusted security guard company for over 10 years. In that time our commitment to improvement, quality, and customer service has only done us good and we’ve grown to where we are now. We still hold to those values so that you’re always getting the best version of American reliance Security.

    American Reliance Security provides a full spectrum of security services, officers and technology.

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    Areas We Serve In Southern California

    American Reliance Security is one of the best security guard companies in Southern California. We provide different types of security guard services in Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Ventura County, and surrounding areas. No matter what service you need, we have it covered. American Reliance Security is here there to guard what matters most. Some locations in Southern California may be considered more dangerous than others which is why it is even more important for you to get security guards. Without security guards in such areas, your property is more likely to become a target. Our security guard company in Los Angeles has highly trained security guards to handle any situation that turns up.

    Ventura County

    Security Service

    Hiring a private Security guard company in Ventura County is the best way to protect yourself, your beachfront property and assets.

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    Los Angeles

    Security Service

    American Reliance Security guard company Los Angeles has created a reputation for quality work and outstanding quality throughout the security industry in Los Angeles.

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    Orange County

    Security Service

    Over our many years in the industry we’ve developed a reputation for providing high-quality service to businesses in Orange County at an affordable price.

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    Security Service

    In Riverside county, American Reliance Security saw the need for reliable security that was able to take on a variety of jobs and supply a wide range of services to business owners.

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    San Bernardino

    Security Service

    American Reliance Security has created a reputation for quality work and outstanding quality throughout the security industry in San Bernardino.

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    San Diego

    Security Service

    American Reliance Security has created a reputation for quality work and outstanding quality throughout the security industry in San Diego.

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