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American Reliance Security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles. The needs and safety of our clients are taken as a priority. We offer a variety of security guard services some of which are more suited for certain industries. All our guards are trained to handle any situation and provide 24/7 security services. So you can rely on us at any time of the day. When you are looking for good security there is no such thing a one size fits all. As such we at American reliance security prepare our security guards in particular fields so they will be best suited for the environment. What you need more than security is a good and highly qualified security expert along with whom you design a customized security plan and follow accordingly.

All our team members have worked in a diverse field of industries such as corporate buildings. Residential areas, healthcare facilities and educational campuses. Take a look at our security services in garden grove to get a idea of what we are about. At American Reliance Security we know that what you are looking for is a good quality of service. As such we provide you with the best possible guards you can ask for. Our hiring process is done in full detail. We run a background check on everyone that applies, we dig into their personal as well as private life to determine whether they suit the criteria that we are hoping for. Once Selected all our security guards to have to undergo extensive and ongoing training that is required. Our team of security guards are always alert and can handle any situation that comes up. As such we produce the best security guards to help protect you and your company.

Our Services

American Reliance Security provides a variety of services with experienced and reliable security guards. Our armed security guards are authorized, highly trained, and licensed to carry firearms. We are committed to keeping you and your business safe. Offering services with top-trained unarmed security guards. Unarmed security guards are often a great solution in stopping crimes such as vandalism or theft. We want to provide security and protection to our clients as we understand no two scenarios are ever the same. Mobile security services are good to cover large area spaces. Our security will patrol the grounds to make sure it is safe. We have fully equipped and licensed fire watch security guards. Fire watch security guard is required to login to the fire watch lad every half hour. We also provide parking control security and crowd control security.

Armed Guard

Armed Security Guard Service

American Reliance Security provides top-notch armed guards that are suited for all of your security needs.

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Unarmed Guard

Unarmed Security Guard Service

American Reliance Security’s Unarmed security guards act as your first line of defense against rowdy customers, criminals or unwanted trespassers and stalkers.

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Mobile Patrol Guard

Mobile Patrol Guard Service

American Reliance Security’s mobile patrol is the first line of defense for your business, protecting both the exterior and the interior of the business

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Firewatch Guard

Firewatch Security Guard Service

American Reliance security’s firewatch Security guards are specially trained and provided with the tools and information to be the first line of fire prevention.

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Parking Control Guard

Parking Control Security Guard Service

American Reliance Security’s parking control security guards are an essential part of making sure that your employees and customers feel safe when parking their car.

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Crowd Control Guard

Crowd Control Security Guard Service

American Reliance Security’s crowd control services are essential during any event such as concerts, speeches, or other public events

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