Armed Security Guard Service

Armed security guard service is often the best option for dealing with dangerous individuals that threaten the security of your business and guests.

Armed Security Guards Service

Armed Security Guard Services

Our armed security guards are essential in areas that require constant monitoring. So that the safety of the items and people in the area are at a premium.

American Reliance Security provides top-notch armed security guards that are suited for all of your security needs. Often an unarmed security guard simply isn’t enough when you’re dealing with potentially dangerous customers or disgruntled employees. The security of your business is our top priority and that’s why we make sure all of our armed security guard are given the best training and the latest technology. Often the presence of a security guard is enough to deter criminals, vandals, and trouble makers but sometimes that’s not enough. Our Security Guard Company Los Angeles has armed security guards that are equipped with the tools to handle violent individuals. As well as the training to de-escalate situations so that violence isn’t necessary.

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What are the duties and responsibilities of our Armed Security Guard?

Inspect Premises

Security guards will inspect the premises to find, address, and report potential security risks.

Secure Premises

Our security guards are well trained and follow instructions to the letter in order to secure the premises and people by performing regular patrols through the premises..

Surveillance Check

Our security guards are trained to interact with and monitor surveillance equipment so that they can ensure that it’s always in working order and your security isn’t compromised by faulty equipment.

Building Inspection

Security guards will perform building inspections to ensure that access points and other problem areas are secured at all times.

Irregularities Report

Armed security guards are trained to spot and report irregularities such as faulty equipment or the presence of suspicious or unauthorized individuals.

Traffic Control

Traffic control is essential and our guards can assist by directing traffic and ensuring that cars are parked in the properly designated areas.

Preventive Tasks

Our security guards are trained to always be prepared and this included taking preventative measures such as ensuring that surveillance equipment is properly maintained and regular maintenance on them is performed.

Access Control

Ensure the authorization of employees and visitors in certain areas by checking that their credentials are all in order.

Emergency Response

Ensure a fast response from emergency services such as the police and the fire department in the case of a dire emergency.

Security Check

Scan and inspect people and their items that are entering the premises by using hand-held scanning devices so that the area is as secure as possible.

Conflict Prevention

Security guards will circulate among guests and employees in order to be seen and help to deter conflict, intervening and de-escalating situations whenever necessary.

Deter Trespassers

Warn violators of any rule infractions and violations, if necessary our guards can apprehend violators and evict them from the premises, using force when necessary.

Benefits of Armed Security Guards for Your Business

Safety And Security

There is no better option for maintaining the safety and security of your employees and property than that of an armed security guard. Although the likelihood of a weapon being discharged is low the option is important to have the option should a situation escalate beyond the point of peaceful resolution. An armed security guard ensures a quick and decisive response to the most extreme threats to the security of your employees and business.


While it is true that armed security guards cost more than an unarmed security guard there is a good reason for this. The truth is that there are situations that an unarmed security guard will be unequipped to handle. This is not the case with an armed security guard. Their weapons and training can provide options that are unavailable to an unarmed security guard. Although they are more expensive than an unarmed security guard they are in no way not budget-friendly.

Deterrence Of Crime

Simply by investing in security, you’re reducing the possibility of crime. You’re demonstrating that your business won’t tolerate security threats or crime on the premises. It also shows your employees that you value their security and wellbeing. Criminals and trouble makers are more likely to think twice when a security guard is present or security is clearly visible. The presence of security is often enough to deter the vast majority of criminal activity.

Lower Risk

The possibility of a security guard’s weapon being discharged is extremely low. It’s still an important option to have available should a situation escalate. If a situation were to arise when a fast and decisive response is necessary an armed security guard will be available to provide the necessary response. An armed security guard lowers the risk of this type of situation arising and again lowers the risk of this kind of individual causing harm to your employees, guests, or property.

American Reliance Security provides a full spectrum of security services, officers and technology.

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Why do people trust American Reliance Security?

Fantastic Service!. We hired a couple of parking control security guards 3 months back. The security guards were well trained. They are punctual. No complaints on vandalism or theft till now. All our tenants were happy and satisfied. American Reliance Security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles. Will surely recommend it.

American reliance security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles.I hired mobile patrol security guards to perform random checks to ensure safety of my business and they also work after hours.They are very professional and considerate. I will definitely recommend them.

We were in need of an armed guard immediately and they reacted very quickly and professionally. They came on time as agreed. Highly recommend.

American reliance security is the best security guard company in Los Angeles. Recently we hired couple of unarmed security guards for our private property for its safety.They are very professional, well trained and hardworking. Glad I hired them from American reliance security best security guard company.

ARS provided peace of mind for our clients needs during a fumigation of a home. Having them look out for our clients interests provide everyone the tranquility needed for a secure home. The management was very responsive and very easy to work with and the communication was superb. I highly recommend them.

Clients that trust our security guard services


Frequently asked questions

Why are armed security guards more expensive than unarmed security guards?
The answer to this is simple. Armed security guards require more training than unarmed security guards and they require more equipment. Having a weapon increases the responsibility placed on the security guard so the training requirements have to be increased so that they are equipped to handle the responsibility given to them.
Are there any downsides to armed security guards?
Yes, there are downsides, although the benefits outweigh the risk. When there is a weapon involved the risks associated with it increase. The upside is that weapons and extra training that are required to carry a weapon gives the guard more and better options for handling dangerous situations in a way that keeps your business, visitors, and property safe.
Why should I get an armed security guard instead of an unarmed security guard?
There are numerous reasons you might choose to get one type of guard over another. The answer comes down to your unique circumstances. There are times when an unarmed guard is a better option. However, the advantages that an armed guard can bring are often too great to pass up on. The best way to determine what suits your needs is to speak with one of our security experts who can make a recommendation for you.
Will armed security guards make my employees uncomfortable?
This is possible, yes. It’s also uncommon for an armed security guard to make a bad impression on the employees or the visitors as it shows that you value their safety. It also gives more options for solving security risks and provides a greater deterrent to would-be criminals or trouble makers.
How many security guards do I need?
This answer is highly depended on the circumstances and unique needs of your business. One of our security experts can speak with you and give you a proper recommendation as to the level of security needed to accomplish your security goals.
Should I invest in security?
You absolutely should invest in the safety and security of your business. This can be with any of the services we offer but it’s something you shouldn’t overlook. Security is an essential part of any business and our guards can help you achieve your goals.


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