April 26, 2022

Why does your apartment or condominium need security services?

Whether you live in an apartment or condominium or own one, you should consider hiring security services or recommending them. I will list some of the many benefits of hiring unarmed or armed security.

Some perks of having a security guard include:

  • Prevent vandalism 
  • Can be an Eye witness in conflict/situations
  • Stop domestic issues and fights
  • Catch problems quickly and solve them
  • Scare off criminals

Stopping domestic issues and fights

Having a security guard will aid in preventing domestic violence in the apartment building or other violence. If the security guard is in the front of the apartment complex, when someone hears or sees something that is concerning, they can go up to the security guard if they don’t. know what to do. It is faster than calling the police in case it is an emergency. A lot of people do not know what to do when they hear a fight so it is nice to have a security guard to easily for help. The security guard is able to keep an eye out after getting a heads up about certain tenants. 

Catch problems quickly and solve them

The security guard can also assist in case of any problem or emergency in the building. Depending on their role, they can also walk around the building and make sure everyone is safe. If there is a fire or medical emergency, they can do as much as they can to help before the paramedics, or fire department shows up. 

Renters will feel safe

You can also hire a security guard to stay and watch in the parking lot to make sure nothing goes wrong. The people who live there will feel safer walking from their car to their apartment and that their car is safe. When there is a security guard and around the apartment building knowing there is a security guard. This can also be a selling point for someone who is looking for apartments. Having a security guard will also give them peace of mind when they are away at work, to trust that no one will break-in, and also at night when they are sleeping. One of your duties as a landlord is to make sure your renters feel safe, and if you are a renter, talk to your landlord about considering hiring a security guard.

Scare off criminals

Whether the security guard is in the parking lot or the lobby, they are likely to detour criminals away from the apartment. They will want to avoid getting caught so will leave, or the security guard may have to ask them to leave. Most apartments have security cameras but the person can hide their face so that is not enough reason for them to want to give up. With a security guard, they will be able to catch them and keep them until the police show up, or be a witness in case they have been committing other crimes. Having a security guard at the door is very beneficial because a robber can’t get passed them to an apartment.

Preventing vandalism

Most apartments have security cameras in place to catch people after committing a crime, but having a security guard will help prevent those crimes. A security guard can roam the halls or areas in the apartment to make sure no one looks suspicious. Vandalism can be anything from vandalizing someone’s property in their apartment to vandalizing a car or common areas. This can become very costly for the renters, or landlord. Some vandalism causes big disruptions like breaking things that can easily be avoided with security. Renters may have something of value ruined which can be heartbreaking. This can also help with someone looking for apartments who have been in a vandalism situation before and want to avoid it. 


First, you should research the area surrounding you to see if the crime rates are high currently or have been before because they can come back. Even if there are not too many house invasions, there are still crimes that happen outside the apartment complex or in the lobby area. Even if the outside has security cameras, a security guard would be able to prevent the crime and help whoever needs it. 

You should research the best security services in your area and make sure they are the right fit for you. You can also find some within your price range for the short term or the long term. Security guards have to go through a lot of different training so they will be prepared.


There are around 3 home invasions every minute in the United States, so if you live in the US it would be beneficial to consider hiring a security guard. The crime rates have been going up recently in some cities so it is the perfect time to hire a security guard to avoid any crimes. 

Armed security or unarmed

You can have either armed security or unarmed in your apartment complex, and that is up to you. An armed security guard gives your apartment building more credibility which can encourage someone to decide to move into the building. They will feel a lot more secure knowing that in case of an extreme emergency, there is armed security available to help. The credibility also goes for criminals who are thinking of robbing an apartment or vandalizing someone’s property, because if they see that the security is armed, they would more likely give up. In case of an extreme crime being planned, having an armed security guard can save people’s lives. 

You can also hire unarmed security guards if that is what you feel safe and comfortable with. If anything, they can use a taser if the person that violated rules or committed a crime is not cooperating.

You can also hire fire watch security if your apartment is near dry areas prone to fires. They can also be hired for a day to check out the place to make sure there are no fire hazards around. Research firewatch security guards San Diego for more information, or research some available in your area.

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