March 30, 2021

Importance Of Different Security Types

Many different types of security are available for you to choose from. However, there is only one specific type that would be custom perfect for your establishment. Safety is essential no matter where you are, so you have to learn the importance of different security types. In doing so, you will figure out what kind of security you would specifically need to protect your establishment best.

Armed Security Guards

Armed guards are the best choice for any high-risk area. Most people will not try any suspicious activities with an armed guard present on the premises. Armed guards are mainly suitable for physical defense, like if an emergency occurs on the premises, which requires some physical force. All armed guards require additional training and certification to carry a lethal weapon on the job. That’s why by having the armed security guard present on your property, many offenders get scared from trying anything at all.

Unarmed Security Guards

One of the most common roles people choose when going into the security guard services is unarmed security guards. This type of security provides an on-site physical presence at a property or business. They patrol every location, monitor detection systems, and respond to threats in a very effective manner. With a guard on-site, even if their unarmed, offenders will know that security is present at that place and could respond immediately when there are threats around a specific area.

Personal Security Guards

A personal security guard protects an individual. They are also known as bodyguards. Executive protection or close protection is also another name for this type of security guard. This position generally escorts the clients from one location to another or accompanies them to an event. This is usually an on-the-job position where the security guard experiences many different situations, so they are appropriately trained and experienced. They may or may not be armed, depending on their certifications and the clients’ needs. Most agencies employ several personal protection officers, all of whom specialize in protecting individuals.

Residential Security Guards

Residential security guards are mainly in charge of ensuring a good lookout for your housing property. The types of housing properties that these guards protect the range from High rises to student housing. They even cover Gated communities and any other living facility. The residential guards are the perfect fit for such a role. That is to protect the house from robbers and ensure the occupants living there feel safe and secure. Residential Security guards would also include mobile or vehicle patrol around the area. Guards must keep an eye on doors and windows. Large homes with a gate may position guards at this entry point to regulate access onto and off the property.

Business Security Guards

A private business property more often requires some security so that you will see business security guards. These security guards are accused of defending business properties. Yet, they may likewise be in charge of observing commercial regions, looking at the workforce in and out, ensuring private business data and competitive innovations, and significantly more. From a little therapeutic practice to a 10-story place of business, commercial security guards work diligently to keep your business, assets, and representatives safe.

Retail Security Guards

Retail security guards are very similar to business security guards. The Retail security guards work for private businesses. However, where a business security guard may have a wide range of responsibilities, a retail security guard has one main job. That is to prevent theft from occurring within the store. Shoplifting can be a severe problem in a majority of retail businesses. In this case, the retail security guard helps prevent shoplifting and theft from just being present in the store itself. This way, the retail stores can prevent their stores from being victims of shoplifting.

Remote CCTV Monitor

If you have a CCTV system setup for your property or business, you should hire a remote CCTV monitor who can watch the cameras around the clock. Failing to monitor your CCTV system practically negates its purpose, which is why most businesses hire a monitor in conjunction with a security team. If the monitor detects anything suspicious, they can directly alert on-site security officers or the police, allowing a prompt response.

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