November 6, 2020

Security Is About Prevention

We often think of security guards Los Angeles as being like a low rent police officer. Someone who is just lazy and doesn’t do anything until someone acts up or becomes violent. Then they’ll step in and solve all of the problems going before going back to doing nothing. This characterization is completely wrong. The majority of the time what a security guard is focused on is not stopping violence or danger from happening but instead, they’re focused on preventing it in the first place. 

Ultimately prevention is much more important than intervention when it comes to security and there’s a wide range of ways that security guards practice prevention. Some of this is done through routes that you might expect such as regular maintenance on security systems but some of it might be a little more beneath the surface. 

If a security guard was to not practicing prevention then it’s likely that when something does go wrong that they won’t be prepared. You also don’t want a security guard or team that isn’t actively trying to prevent crime and wrongdoing from taking place. You as a business owner should want prevention because prevention saves you headaches and possibly saves you money. 

One key aspect of prevention is just being seen. By making themselves visible to the employees and clientele they can increase the security. Just their presence can give people pause and prevent crime. It helps remind people to be on their best behavior and keeps them honest. Most people aren’t going to cause problems or break the rules in plain sight of a security guard. 

The other key to prevention is ensuring that systems that are in place are all working properly. If there’s a door lock that doesn’t work or a camera that doesn’t function then they’re little more than window dressing. It’s important that these issues are resolved and that requires that your security team be active and working towards prevention and preparation. 

There are other ways to practice prevention such as observation. Guards can observe a crowd or follow suspicious individuals through the location to make sure that everything is on the level. Prevention can also take the form of checking credentials or performing security checks on people entering an event. Prevention isn’t just one thing that a security team is doing but rather it’s a collective effort across a wide range of tasks that have then end goal of stopping crime and dangerous behavior before it happens. 

If you’re ever unsure what you can do about prevention there are security experts and consultants that can speak to you and help show you what needs to be done. Security is complicated and there’s a reason that people can dedicate their entire careers to the job and not figure everything out. It’s a job that’s constantly evolving and the landscape of security is changing rapidly to meet the current needs that people have. At the end of the day, the goal remains the same. Security guards Los Angeles are here to help keep you and your business safe.

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