November 6, 2020

Benefits of Armed Security Guards

Saving money is always at the forefront of every business owner. There’s always a need to reduce the overhead and that can lead to decision making that may not be the best for the business as a whole. You can see this in how people approach security for their business. Often we see people just skipping security almost entirely. They install monitoring equipment and then call it a day. Monitoring equipment is nice but it does almost nothing when it comes to stopping crime and protecting a business from security risks. When they do hire security teams you can often see businesses going cheap and only hiring unarmed security instead of hiring armed security guards. 

That’s not to say that there aren’t times when unarmed guards are the better choice. After all, there are many security guard services for you to choose from. There are certainly times when it would be much better for the business or place in question to go with unarmed security. The problem happens when these people decide to go with unarmed security for no other reason than to reduce costs. There are times when you just need armed security and there are quite a few benefits of doing such. 

The first and most obvious benefit of an armed security team is in its capability to respond to more severe threats. They simply have the tools to more capably deal with more dangerous situations. If your business needs security that’s going to be more capable then you’re going to want armed security to deal with more severe threats. The more likely you are to be targeted by dangerous people the more you need armed security. If you go with unarmed in these situations it’s likely that they’ll be unequipped to deal with the situation in front of them that’s threatening your livelihood. 

Armed guards also receive more training than their unarmed security counterparts. This shouldn’t be a shock but it’s something that most people just don’t think about. This extra training is essential because when you carry a weapon there are not only higher expectations but there’s added responsibility. An armed guard is responsible for their weapon and the proper use of it. With that added responsibility comes extra training and a pay raise. 

There are other benefits but even with those, it doesn’t necessarily mean that armed security is always better than unarmed. Depending on the type of business armed security may be overkill and it could even make the guests and customers uncomfortable. It might also set the wrong tone but these are all aspects that have to be weighed by the business owner in question. There just needs to be more thought given to the type of guard than just the price. When it comes down to it each business is different and each business needs to take their own risks and needs into account. Make sure that no matter the choice you make between unarmed or armed security guards that you’re making the choice based on your business’s needs and not just your bank account. Security guards can be like insurance, you don’t want to need it but you’ll be glad you have it when you need it.

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