November 6, 2020

10 Reasons Why Security Is A Must During Pandemic

Most businesses and retail stores have been closed due to this pandemic. Security guards are essential to keep the property and products of these establishments safe. But they are also required to keep the stores and other buildings safe as well. Many people panic in major crises. It doesn’t matter where they are. Security guards will be required to handle the situation and de-escalate it. People are going into social distancing and limiting their time outside their homes. But there are still some people who ignore the guidelines set by the CDC. As such during this pandemic US in particular has seen an increase in robberies specifically to the businesses that have been shut down. To protect their products these owners need to hire security guards. Here are 10 reasons why security is a must during a pandemic:

Monitoring stores to prevent vandalism

Many stores have closed down during this pandemic that has become prone to vandalism. As the store is shut down without any security people can just break in and steal items from inside. This is why you need security guards at such stores. Even stores that are still open can be vandalized which is why you need security guards to keep them protected.

Patrolling to protect your property

Even if you have security cameras already installed it is not enough you need to have more security present. Having security guards present on-site watching for any activity going on in the premises. They will be able to see any threat and contain it right away. They also know how to work well with the new security devices.

Preventing the overcrowding of public spaces

During this pandemic, not many people must gather in one location. According to the CDC, no groups of more than 10 people should gather in a location. The security guards will help keep people out of stores when they reach a number and watch for large gatherings in the area of the property. They keep a lookout within the store as well for any large groups of people gathering together.

Protect employees

Security guards act as bodyguards for the employees within the building. Making sure everyone in the building is safe from any harm. Many different types of security guards can be used during this pandemic. As it is important to keep social distancing of at least 6 feet, the security guards will make sure that they are at that distance.

Alarm monitoring-to check fire alarm systems

Many stores have been closed or they have been reduced in staff due to the pandemic, As large gatherings have been canceled. As many buildings are easily prone to fires the security guards will help by patrolling the grounds keeping an eye out for the alarms and watch for anything that may cause a fire.

Securing all entry points

It is important to place security guards at all entry points of the premises. If you have one exit and one entrance you should place a security guard in both places. This is helpful not only during the pandemic as it keeps your establishment safer from all forms of threat. During the pandemic, this helps by making sure people don’t sneak into the establishment when they are not allowed to.

Quarantine Enforcement

If a person gets quarantined due to having the virus they mustn’t meet with other people to prevent spreading it further. Security guards can help by enforcing such rules to keep the people safe from being infected with the virus. As many people try to sneak out not only during quarantine but during lockdown as well. As the Reasons Why Security Is A Must During Pandemic mainly to keep the quarantine in effect and prevent further contamination.

Secure drive through testing sites

Testing sites for COVID-19 have a very limited number of people working in it. This means that testing you may take a longer time. It is important that people stay within their vehicle and not form lines near the testing sites. If one person in the group has it they could infect everyone around them. The security guards help keep order within the testing sites so as not to cause panic within the sites.

Ensure Everyone Follows CDC Protocols

Many CDC protocols are required for this current pandemic as it is very easy to spread around. The CDC has a few rules to follow such as wearing masks in all establishments is mandatory. Security guards can stop the people from entering who are not willing to wear masks. As it could just cause more problems for the people within the stores or offices.

Knowledge of Safety Precautions

You need to know all the safety precautions or there has to be someone on the site who knows all about the safety precautions for the COVID-19. As the security guard should follow all the safety precautions provided by always keeping clean and sanitized even while at work.

This COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people live their lives. Many stores and offices have closed down and moved to remote working. These are the Reasons Why Security Is A Must During Pandemic. This means that security is not only necessary at the stores and offices, you also need to keep your online security up to date. Take some security service to protect your property while it’s closed. As this looks like our new normal. Though even with security guards protecting the establishments which are still open or those that are closed all the people need to follow the guidelines given by the CDC to help keep everyone safe.

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